Refunds & Returns

Notice to customers from Medium Michael:
It is my firm desire here at Medium Michael Online to help as many people as possible reconnect with lost friends and relatives.

If for some reason I have failed to do that, or if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for some reason, I regretfully accept that I have failed you and I apologize sincerely.

I make a promise to all of my customers that my products are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, and I am committed to upholding this promise.

Before requesting a refund, I kindly ask you to read the following:

➡️ Seek guidance from an advisor if you're struggling to interpret your reading.
Each clairvoyant reading I perform is a lengthy endeavour into which I pour my heart and soul to ensure a clear and accurate reading for my clients. However, I understand that the spiritual language I use might not be the easiest for some to interpret.

Chatting with a live psychic advisor is a great way to drill down into the insights of your reading. Maybe the message you've received is simply clouded by my use of advanced spiritual terms - for this, I apologize.

If you're new to spirituality and don't fully understand some of the more advanced concepts or language contained within your reading, an experienced advisor can help walk you through everything there is to know.

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➡️ Understand your emotions
Every psychic is unique and no two readings are the same.

It is a deep, meaningful experience to reconnect with those that are most important to you, especially after recent loss. The messages that come through may move you. Remember, it’s okay to get emotional.

You might feel as though you don't connect with the message, or that the message doesn't make sense to you, but ask yourself: are you emotions getting in the way, because you expected - or wanted - to hear something else?

Clairvoyant readings like the one you've received here are like opening your own Pandora’s Box. You may experience a range of emotions, some you haven’t felt in a long time perhaps. You may reconnect with a loved one after decades, or you may not, and you may be surprised by how your feelings are still very much alive.

➡️ You've allowed enough time to pass.
All purchases on Medium Michael are backed by my 60-day money back guarantee. Each session takes me several hours to complete. You have 2 whole months from the date you purchased to explore, enjoy & scrutinize the messages that are held within your reading.

You might not feel like the reading immediately makes sense, but given time - a few weeks at least - you will begin to notice things beginning to make sense - I am sure!

Be sure that you've allowed enough time to pass before giving up on this value spiritual tool.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above. If you would still like to move forward with you refund, please see below:

All order and purchase refunds & returns for products sold via can be requested at the following url:

To request a refund, you will need your Order Number/Receipt ID and the email address you used to purchase.